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My experience with intern disasters is that they seldom occur in July.

They tend to happen later in the academic year, during the winter months, when interns have shed their fear and become more confident.

Internship -- the famous first year of doctor-hood -- is the forge upon which every doctor develops their knowledge, skill, and bedside manner.

I will explore the emotional travails of internship and bring you a better understanding of the training process for doctors in the United States. Twenty new interns have undergone more than a week of orientation, getting their ID badges and passwords; learning where to eat, rest, and find scrubs in the hospital.

To be sure, running such a training program takes a certain amount of stamina and skin-thickening to handle the yearly transition.

In my view, we provide greater supervision to our interns and residents in July and August, when the days are long, spirits are high, and the trainees are hungry to learn and hear feedback from the faculty.

I offer examples like this one to encourage my residents to follow procedural checklists to the point that safety is an ingrained behavior rather than solely an externalized concept.

My supervising resident and the patient's nurse gave me a strange look, with big eyes and a smile I mistrusted, telling me that "disimpacting" was the intern's job.She rolled onto her side (with help) and assumed the position.Using a gloved finger and lubricant, I found what we would technically call "copious amounts of soft brown stool in her rectal vault." Her disease meant she had nearly no sphincter tone, so once I was able to initiate the flow of poop out of her bottom, it started coming out on its own. I tell that story only to the point of illustrating the importance of the lesson it taught me. Manganelli felt about a million times better after being disimpacted.The resident pointed his finger at me, and the nurse handed me a chux, those ubiquitous blue pads that are all over hospitals to place under patients and clean up messes.Then I understood: I was going to be making and cleaning up a mess from poor Mrs. "I don't want to be a doctor," I thought to myself, in response to what I perceived as a form of hazing. Manganelli was apparently used to having disimpactions performed because of her illness.

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