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Bros or not, Johnny’s out for cum when he hears this!And out comes his dick to decidedly do just that – with Quinn! You're Gonna Go All Out On That Gloryhole - And Then It's My Turn!

Johnny laughs it off as history…until Quinn reports how Johnny’s wife went on and on about Quinn’s boyfriend’s cock and how it made her cum so hard.

It's only a matter of time, however, when the dominant one gets jealous and wants her own go at it, so she strips down to learn what the Slime Wave is all about! During a long-anticipated break a cute babe in jeans shorts and tight checked shirt decides to make a tiresome study a bit funny.

At first she wiggles in a chair like a cat in heat.

The beauty shows her gorgeous butt from different angles shamelessly.

Then she takes off all clothes leaving nothing but a beautiful tattoo and naughty smirk.

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