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* * @param include Primary External Storage set to true if you wish to also include the path of the primary external storage */ @Target Api(Build. HONEYCOMB) public static List get Sd Card Paths(final Context context, final boolean include Primary External Storage) { final File[] external Cache Dirs=Context External Cache Dirs(context); if(external Cache Dirs==null

The reason for the multiple "Parent File()" is to go up another folder, since the original path is /** * returns a list of all available sd cards paths, or null if not found.But note that, roots will contain all the writeable root directories on the system, including any usb connected usb devices. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?NOTE: The can Write method needs the android.permission. it been so late but finally i got something i have tested most of devices( by manufacturer and android versions) its working on Android 2.2 . Path of external card not possible get from 'mount' command, from 'proc/mounts' file etc.And I create my own solution (on Paulo Luan's): String s SDpath = null; File file Cur = null; for( String s Path Cur : List( "ext_card", "external_sd", "ext_sd", "external", "ext Sd Card", "external Sd Card")) // external sdcard file Cur = null; if( s SDpath == null) s SDpath = External Storage Directory()Absolute Path(); String primary_sd = System.getenv("EXTERNAL_STORAGE"); if(primary_sd !


Any access to SD cards before API level 19 was through private, unsupported APIs. You can copy 2 methods bellow into your project's class that you need. public String is Removable SDCard Available() /** * Check if can create file on given directory.

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