Who is zack merrick dating

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Who is zack merrick dating

Sam supported her mother's decision to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, but she questioned if Alexis had really killed Tom.Sam discovered a clue that led her to Franco, who'd been locked in a storage unit and was in a weakened state.Franco discovered that Alexis had been the last person seen with Tom. Alexis confessed everything to Julian and attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.Franco decided not to tell the police about Alexis because he'd caused Sam and her family enough heartache. A homeless man revealed that Rudge had tricked him into planting the bomb in Julian's car.Elizabeth questioned Seth, unaware that he'd been responsible for Franco's disappearance.

Dante assured his wife that she had his full support to sue for custody of Charlotte.

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Hayden and Finn grew closer, but he continued to rely on injections.

Elizabeth warned Sam that Alexis might have killed Tom.

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Julian's sister Olivia was revealed to be alive and the one who'd been pulling his strings for a year.

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